Running singlet, running shorts including text, graphics, colors

Running singlet, running shorts including text, graphics, colors
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Youth and adult track running singlet. You can mix and match youth and adult sizes, select just the singlet or track shorts or both as a set.

What is Sublimation?

Sublimation is a process in which uniforms are dyed with colors, logos, emblems, numbers, team names and player names right into the fabric during the manufacturing process. That means uniforms are shipped to you are already embellished in vibrant colors that will never crack or peel. They last longer, look, and perform better than any other team uniform.

How does this process work?

To order a custom item you will need to make all your choices through the interactive menu on the right hand side of the description.  You complete each section and then proceed to purchase your item. 


Primary Color:

-The primary color is the main body color of the singlet.  It is the predominant color that will be seen on your custom singlet

Secondary Color:

-The second most prominent color, on the singlet

Accent Color:

-The third color is the accent color

Text Locations*:

-This singlet allows for 3 custom text area it's  

THE UPPER BACK LOCATION.  If you would like to leave a location blank then please put “NONE” in the menu field. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THE MAXIMUM CHARACHTER COUNT PER TEXT AREA IS 15 INCLUDING SPACES. The color you select will not change the color of the text it will always stay white unless your uniform is white and then it will be black

THE FRONT TOP (TEAM NAME)- You can select 15 charchters including spaces here and it doesn't have to be your team name. Again if you want this blank write none. Also this text will be white unless the uniform is white and then it will be black.

THE FRONT BOTTOM (MASCOT NAME)- You don't have to use your mascot name, you can put any text you want as long as it's 15 characters or less including spaces. This will also be white unless the uniform is white and then it will be black, if you don't want text in this area put the word none or blank


Production Times*:

Production time is 10  business days based on the following timeline.  DAY ONE starts the following business day after I get your custom info, If I receive the info after 5 pm, or weekend, holiday it won’t count as getting the info until the following business day & day one starts the day after that. For example if the order comes in Friday night(with all necessary information to process) then Monday is the first business day so production would begin on Tuesday.  This means that Tuesday is day one of the 10 days. SHIPPING WOULD BE ON BUSINESS DAY 11

*Production times do not include shipping times only manufacturing times.

Shipping Time/Method*:

-STANDARD is UPS ground 3-5 business days with either UPS or FedEx


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